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Art and Craft Create and Show is all about creating items that are artistic and functional.

Having started making wood shelves and spent some time working with clay pottery, art glass and now metal over the last year I wanted to share the knowledge and experience I have gained.

See some of my art.

Thrown bowl Stained Glass Candle Light photograph of a fisherman rowing Metal wall sculpture Computer drawing of a flower - coloured pencil style
Pottery Glass Art Photography Sculpture Drawing

You will find art methods & techniques, definitions, hints and tips and projects

In some areas I have had little experience, others a bit more.

Articles are planned for metal wall sculpture, fused glass wall art, stained glass window art and digital photography basics.

I like to try new things, you will therefore find out what experiments are going on. These will cover media I currently use and new art and craft areas.

I also like to observe.

My camera goes with me to many places and you will find articles on my visits to art fairs, museums and galleries and some street art.


Methods and Techniques

Pottery | Glass Art | Sculpture | Photography | Drawing

Click on the picture if you would like to look at one of the techniques below.

pencil drawing of a flower pencil drwing of a house
Flower drawing Draw a building

flowers flowers flowers
Enhance photo Crop Photo Adjust Colour


Pottery | Photography | Drawing

Click on the picture if you would like to look at one of the projects below.

clay buttons project clay pottery beads project Coil Pottery - Ceramic Vases Project Dish made from coils in a ceramic mold
Clay Buttons Clay Beads Coil Vases Coil dish - mold

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Contact Me
Contact Me.<p> This site is in its early days and we are constructing new pages daily. Please let us know whether you like the site or if you have any queries.
About Me.
About Me. A little bit of information to let you know who I am.
rainbow pictures
rainbow pictures
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Picture Transformation. Make an abstract pattern from your photo,
Picture Transformation - take your photos and transform them.
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