Pictures from the Allotments

This time of year is an excellent time to wander around the allotments to see what is being grown & what can be photographed. Since many people now are focused on "grow your own" there is a great variety of plants available in order to take pictures of flowers and pictures of vegetables and fruit.

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This time of year there is an abundance of sun flowers. The bright yellow flowers and also the darker sunburnt flowers. The picture in the middle shows a sunflower just about to burst to life.

Sunflowers - Radlett AllotmentGrowing sunflowers- Radlett AllotmentSunflower - Radlett Allotment


I am always amazed at the near perfect form of dahlia flowers. There were some wonderful examples to be seen with a promise of many more to come over the next month.

Dahlias - Radlett AllotmentsDahlia - Radlett Allotments
Dahlia Flowers - Radlett AllotmentsPink Dahlia - Radlett Allotments

Sweet Pea

The sweet peas are coming to an end, there are still some wonderful flowers around.

Sweet Pea- Radlett Allotments


Magnificent examples of thistles were to be seen.

Scottish Thistle- Radlett Allotments


Many people were leaving at the end of the day with fruit baskets brimming with healthy fruit.

Blackberries - Radlett AllotmentsPears - Radlett Allotments


cabbage - Radlett AllotmentsGreen tomatoes - Radlett Allotments
Squash - Radlett AllotmentsOnions - Radlett Allotments


One of the wonderful sights at this time of year are the butterflies. Here are some butterfly pictures.

Butterfly- Radlett Allotments

Butterfly- Radlett AllotmentsButterfly- Radlett Allotments

I have created coloured pencil drawing on the computer from the allotments photographs