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Art and Glass

Art and glass has become more visible over the recent years through the growth in popularity of fused glass wall art, stained glass art, glass wall art, art glass beads and fused glass jewelry made from dichroic glass. Click on this link if you'd like to see what is involved in making Art and Glass objects.

Techniques used include:

  • Stained glass designs such as
    • lead lighting - adjoining glass to make a panel with lead came. This is the technique used for church windows
    • copper foiling - stained glass items adjoined by copper foiling technique
  • hand blown glass art - creating a vessel from glass when heated through blowing through a tube
  • glass fusing - joining pieces of glass in a kiln
  • lampwork - using a flame to heat glass rods to make shapes and objects.
murano art glass
It is understood that glass work was initiated by the Egyptians and the Iraqi's. Italy however brought glasswork to the fore. One of the most renowned glass art comes Murano in Venice, Italy. Murano glass has been made since the 7th century and the Italians had a monopoly on creating this kind of work. Art and jewelry lovers go to visit the islands to the day. Most of the glass from Murano was made through the lampworking technique.

Italy also spread the art of glassblowing and stained glass windows.

In the UK glass art is made mainly out of small glass studios.

Making art from glass is not as prevalent as some of the other crafts in the UK, this does then reflect in the availability and supply of tools and glass materials.

It is however one of the crafts that can be done at home and I hope that the information on this site will inspire you to have a go.

Making Glass Art| My Glass Art