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Art Sculptures

Art Sculptures are three dimensional artwork. The artwork can be made of a number of material, for example wood, clay, metal, glass, Ice.

Stone sculpture from Alexandria

There are other types of sculpture. Sculptures can also be made from sound, light and movement - kinetic.

Sculptures can be free standing, hung on a wall or attached to a background.

Wooden Sculpture from Interlaken

Many early sculptures are associated with religion and historic events.

Early sculptures of gods are seen in Hinduism, Bhuddhism and Janism.

In early China early cast bronze sculptures have been discovered. Also, made of clay and one of the most famous sculptures, the Terracotta Army from in Xi an.

Masks and faces are found in many regions in Africa.

Totem poles are famous from North America.

Europe has the human form.

Ice Sculpture from the Jungfrau region of Switserland

In the 20th century Picasso introduced sculptures made from combining disparate objects.

Today we also have abstract sculptures made up from a wider range of materials and can be are seen in many towns and parks.

The introduction of sources such as sound, light and movement has brought an additional dimension to a sculptural form.

For a view of the work I have done to date on art sculptures, click on this link

Creating Sculptures | My Sculptures