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Clay Pottery Beads

Clay Pottery Beads are fun to make. This project shows how to make pottery beads from very low firing clay and therefore can be fired using a conventional oven.

You will need some low firing clay which you can get from a hobby shop or online. I have used clay that can be fired at 110 degrees.

I have also used a bead maker in this project. It helps make consistent sized beads. You can, if you wish, form the beads by hand.

pottery beadsTake a small ball of clay and place it in your bead maker. Place the lid on top.

pottery beadsMove the top of the bead maker backwards and forwards from left to right and right to left. The bead will start to form in to the selected shape

pottery beadsWhen you are happy with the shape, align the bead with the threading marks. Replace the lid. Thread the metal rods through the beads.

pottery beadsAdd pottery designs to the beads by placing a pattern on to every other bead. Make the initial ball of clay slightly smaller at the beginning. When the bead is nearly formed it will be mis-shaped and small. Add a second colour and finish the rolling.

pottery beadsWhen you have enough beads lay them out on some grease proof paper on a baking tray. Read the instructions on your clay. My clay required 30 minutes at 110 degrees.

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