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Creating Art Sculptures

There are many techniques that can be used for creating Art Sculptures


You can create a sculpture in clay using the basic techniques for pottery.

Clay Sculpture - artis in the process of building

These include Forming, slabbing, coiling and throwing. Once form is decided the sculpture can be designed and built.

Forming technique.
This technique involves creating a form by adding or removing clay and working with hand or sculpture tool in to the form required

Slabbing is the method of rolling out clay slabs, cutting, shaping and combining them. See the example of an artist mid project, working with adding clay slabs while clay is still soft enough to work.

Frame for lrge clay sculpture

Large Sculpture.
See the picture showing an example of how a frame made of wood and chicken wire is built to support a clay structure.


Sculptures can be made from combining wood or carving wood. Wood can be carved by hand using tools such as chisels or using mechanised or power tools such as lathes or saws.


Stone sculptures are carved from stone. Famous sculptures in stone are those carved by Michael Angelo.

Sculpture in Cardiff Bay


Metal Sculptures can be made through a number of techniques.
Cutting and Forming
This method involves taking metal sheet and shaping it using tools to bend, hammer and cut.
Made from soldering small pieces of different metals in to a form.
Joining metal sections with a strong joint made from welding the metal together.


Usually combined with one of the other media to allow movement. A weather vane would be an example.


Another technique that is used combined with another media.

See the example above, a sculpture found in Cardiff Bay. A large metal column is constructed. Water flowing down it's side provides movement and sound.

Found Object Sculpture - form from bottles

Found Objects

A sculpture made up from found objects. Creating Art Sculptures form Bicycle parts is a popular example. This is where the parts of one or more bicycles are taken and re-arranged to create a different form.


Light sculptures use light to create an effect or to use the light to create form itself.

An example of both found objects and light is shown in the picture of bottles (found objects) used to create a form. The light through the bottles also create a form.

Light Sculpture - from found items - bottles

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