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Digital Photography Tutorial

Digital Photography Tutorial is a very broad area as many of us take photographs on a daily basis with a camera or with a camera phone.

For me, manipulating digital photographs is a very exciting area. I have therefore decided to focus on this area and hopefully provide you with projects that will provide you with digital photography tips.

There is still a lot to cover and I do not want to start without projects for the basics that you may want to do. You will find the basic projects first. These will follow with more exciting activities.

Photography Projects


abstract picture Transform Photograph Take a photograph and transform using the liquefy filter.

flowers Enhance the photograph Take the picture which was flat and show some depth and colour.


Crop the photograph Frame the picture you want.


Adjust Photograph Colour Add some variations

There are drawing projects available using digital photography techniques and digital image manipulation. They compliment and expand on the information in Digital Photography Tutorial.

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