Dogs and Snow.

Dogs and Snow are a wonderful combination. When the early snow fell this week bringing a winter wonderland the dogs had great fun. I have included below a number of pictures of them playing, strolling and running in the snow. The two dogs are called Nia (chocolate labradoor) and Lilly (Golden Retriever)

In addition to the puctures of dogs and snow see winter pictures around radlett.


Nia and Lilly who have been friends since they were puppies. Not their first view of snow as we had a week last year when they were only a few months old.

Their first snow when they can run freely.

dogs friendsnia lilly snow

snow nia lilly


A lot of running, jumping and rolling in the snow. Not to mention chasing.

playingdogs playing dogs

dogs playing



And after playing, a stroll at the end of the day