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Experience with work for my glass art gallery started a number of years ago with a stained glass course where I learnt the lead lighting technique. I then went on to teach myself the copper foiling technique.

I went on to create glass wall art, stained glass and glass beads Having been working with pottery for a number of years, and having purchased a kiln I had wondered if I could use it to make glass items from fused glass.

The answer of course is, yes. Here are some examples of my work in glass.

Stained glass panel made with the lead lighting technique.

Fused glass panel. Fired as a pane and then slumped over a mold.

Fused glass panel with copper and aluminum inserts.

Fused glass panel - opaque glass

Stained glass cross made with the copper foiling technique.

Fused glass cross

Fused glass panel depicting a face.

Fused glass panel - opaque glass

A selection of lamp worked glass beads in a steel dish made using an acetylene torch to cut and shaped by hammer.

What's next?

I have now completed a number of ceramic moulds and plan to create some dishes with them. Watch out for these, as I will add some to this page.

I have also been experimenting with recycling wine bottles.

The art in my Glass Art Gallery has been created through a process started with experimenting.

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