Glass Supplies

I get my glass supplies mainly from internet shops. The items are delivered to my home. There are a couple of other sources.

I have recycled glass from glass bottles. I have started experimenting with this. It will take me a little time to get this going properly.

Once done, I plan to do this regularly.

Stained Glass

I have the core tools required to make stained glass, whether lead lining or copper foiling. These were bought from glass suppliers or on line suppliers.

These are

  • glass cutter
  • cutting mat
  • clamp to stretch lead
  • soldering iron
  • grinder
I place the copper foil by hand. The frame I have for laying out and making stained glass is home made from chipboard and wood.

The ongoing supplies, glass, lead came and copper foil are purchased from on line shops.

Fused Glass


Glass as mentioned, from the internet.


I have to date used my pottery kiln for glass fusing. Whilst not ideal - it seems to work.

As for pottery - the major drawback with it is its size. You need to fill at minimum four shelves with work. Thi sis great to make volume, not so great for experimenting.

A large kiln full of mistakes can be frustrating.


I have to date made my own molds from pottery either throen on a potters wheel or hand made on plaster molds.

Glass Beads

The core supplies are
  • torch
  • mandrels
  • fibre blanket
The torch and mandrels were purchased online. The fibre blanket was purchased from a specialist supplier in the building trade. This was the most cost efficient way to do this.

Glass rods are purchased from an on-line supplier.Gas for the lamp is purchased from a hardware / DIY store

See some of what I have made from my glass supplies