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Hand Drawing

Hand Drawing is the art of creating a picture, an image, a vision or a representation of an object. It can be real or imagined. It can resemble an object or it can be abstract providing an essence of a subject.

Early cave drawings at the entry of a cave in Australia

Early examples can still be seen today, mainly in caves or on the side of rocks. They were primitive and generally show a story in picture format.

Other, contemporary examples are seen in the pictures below. These are from the Amalfi Coast.

The first shows items on a wall, behind a stone seat. The effect given, is of items on a shelf. The second of a fish on a sunlounger.

Drawing behind a seat - to look like items on a shel - Amalfi Coast

picture of a fish on a sunlounger in Sorrento, Italy

A tool such as charcoal, pencil, pen, ink, pastels, crayons or a computer tablet is used. Chalk pictures are found on pavements. Graffiti is placed on walls.

charcoal drawing of a church in Sorrento, Italy

The tools are used on many surfaces. Examples are paper, textile, blackboard, wall, pottery / ceramic.

Each of the tools has a different effect. A pencil allows an outline of shapes to be made, but also allows shading to add tone. Chalk, in many colours, gives a totally different view even of the same subject.

In addition to the variances of tool there are also a number of categories of style.

life drawing of a figure

  • cartoons - a humorous or satirical representation of an object or person
  • technical - visualisation of an item to scale showing the design of an item that is to be build or constructed. An example would be a floor plan
  • illustration - a picture that focuses on communicating and clarifying a subject
  • portraits - people
  • landscapes - scenery
  • life - hand drawing the human form
  • computer art - using a computer as a tool, created through using software, or by using a tablet or by the use of mathematical algorithms to create shape

So, pick up a pencil and 'give it a go'. You may wish to take some tutorials or lessons in order to pick up some tips to get you going. Or you may just want to pick up a pencil.

If you want some inspiration then I recently read a book called Everyday Matters - a memoir by Danny Gregory.

Danny taught himself when his wife had a terrible accident. It is a journal in pictures of the time immediately after the accident. You may think it is a sad book, but it is not. Danny spends time with his 10 month old son and as he draws life becomes more colourfull.

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