leicester Square Art

There are many things to see related to Leicester Square Art. The park is full of life and worth a look around. It's so easy to see the shops and cinemas around the square and miss the park. I have included a small number of examples.

Charlie Chaplin, Leicester Square At the north end of the park you can find Charlie Chaplin, sculpted by John Doubleday in 1981.

Hogarth, Leicester Square A number of famous people lived around Leicester Square and there are memorials for some of them in the park. They are people such as Newton, Hogarth and Dr John Hunter. I have included a picture of Hogarths memorial.

Outside the park, looking for tourists and visitors commerce goes on.

caricature, caricature artists, Leicester Square There are many caricature artists out on the Square these days. For a price you can have your caricature done.

After looking at Leicester Square Art I moved on through the streets to Soho Square