Lisbon Portugal

I spent a day in Lisbon Portugal taking a look at the tourist attractions and looking at the view from an open topped bus.

It was November 2010 and the sun was shining tough I ended up wet a couple of times.

The pictures / photos below give an account of my day.

I walked outside my hotel and this is the statue I see in front of me. I also see it from my window. It is on Avenue Jose de Almeda.

Statue Avenue Jose de Almeda

One of the first sights I saw walking down towards the town was the fantastic pictures on the buildings shown below. Making buildings that would otherwise look nondescript in to interesting pieces of art.

graffiti lisbongraffiti lisbon

Graffiti Lisbon

Just down from the buildings with Graffiti is the monument to the Marquis of Pombal, the prime minister responsible for the rebuilding of Lisbon following the Great Earthquake in 1755. The monument lies in the middle of a large roundabout, the traffic continually circling.

Marquis of Pombal

The Hard Rock Cafe looks like a building from old time 'US'. As you walk past you take yourself back in time and can imagine the buzz of socializing inside.

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

Nearby, on the square is a picturesque hotel and behind a bus shelter lies another monument in the shape of a needle.

Hotel lisbonPraca dos Restauradores lisbon

The square below lies overlooked by the castle up above. The geometric pattern on the floor is dramatic and effective.

Praca Don Pedro IV

Around the square are many trees dressed up in ribbon. They are beautiful and give the square an air of festivities.

Ribbon dressed tree

The Castle lies above the rooftops - watching over the city. The red tiles of the rooftops are bright and stand out above the white of the buildings.

Lisbon Castle and Rooftops

As you walk up the streets surrounded by shoppers the castle stays in view.

Lisbon Castle and Rooftops

As you wander towards the sea front you find a wonderful shopping area and an arch that takes you to a square overlooking the water.

Rua Aurea y Arco Triunfa

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