Painting Pottery

Painting pottery with a brush on glaze is one of the many ways of decorating pottery. When learning how to make pottery there are many different techniques for pottery designs. You can get lost in the many different pottery glazes. Initially, keep it simple.

It has become popular as pottery painting shops become more available in the high street. So, if you want to go to one of these shops to try your hand at - you will have some fun. You can also buy the bisque ceramics / unpainted ceramics and take them home to paint. You will need to also buy the paint on glaze.

Starting with a simple example, we take some unpainted ceramics and start applying the glaze to it.

Painting pottery

The right hand side of the face has glaze applied.

Painting pottery- brush on glze

We brush on further glaze - red. The glaze is applied with a brush - the same as standard paining.

brush on glaze - pottery face

When you have finished painting the piece it is ready for a Glaze Firing.

If you enjoy painting pottery why not try the next step - create your own piece of pottery from clay. See some of the methods available on how to make pottery.