Pencil Drawing - a Building

Select you subject for your pencil drawing. I have chosen a chapel from Wales.

disk for pottery buttons Take your subject and photograph.

disk for pottery buttons Convert the picture to black and white, lighten shadows to see detail and increase contrast to see lines more clearly. Print the picture

disk for pottery buttons In order to get good composition and proportions for our drawing we are going to put a grid over the printed picture. Take a ruler and draw the lines.

Take the paper you are going to draw on and mark the grid on to it in the same proportions as you have placed on the printed picture. I have folded my page, you may wish to pencil gently on to the paper instead.

disk for pottery buttons Draw the outline of the main shapes of the picture. Include an outline of the trees. Check positioning in grid with the printed picture. Working in this way allows you to maintain the composition and perspective easily.

disk for pottery buttons Add detail for all the trees.

disk for pottery buttons Add the building detail.

disk for pottery buttons Finish adding texture to the grass. Long grass up front and shorter further back - to maintain perspective.

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