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Photography Art

Photography art is currently growing at a very rapid pace due to the digital age. Photography is available to the masses and given us all access the mechanisms to turn those photographs in to art.

Your digital photographs and a computer give you a complete palette for digital graphics and for creating amazing artwork The photographs below show what can be done with rain in a dirty puddle.

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In addition there are many ways of displaying your photographs.

You can print posters, create canvasses even design mugs today.

Take your photographs and create a professionally published photo book to commemorate a special occasion or to keep as a photo diary.

Convert a photograph in to a line drawing to be placed on your wall.

Produce a set of coffee mugs with your flower photography as a design.

Take your old black and white family photographs and produce good quality artwork from them.

Another option is to sell your photographs online through either your own website or a stock photography provider.

I have found digital photography exciting over the last few years and am looking forward to what comes next.

Many of the photographs I have taken were prior to digital photography and I am slowly looking through the boxes of old photographs and scanning them to make photograph albums that do not have bits flying out of them when you pick them up. They are also in a format that allows you to store them on a shelf - without needing a whole bookshelf that fills a wall. Look at my photography art to see how keeping a record can now be a pleasure.

See some of me recent photographs from a walk around the allotments

Photography Tips | My Photographs | Photography Tutorial |