Pictures of Flowers

Pictures of flowers always remind me of spring or summer. They remind me of joy, dinner parties and weddings.

As a gift they are always received with pleasure.

This year I have had more time on my hands and a dog to walk. It has been a pleasure to see the flowers as they bloom in their seasons. Crocuses, bluebells and daffodils early on. Sweet peas and dahlias later on.

This first picture is of the Tuplips in the fields around the kugenhopf festival ground.

Tulip Fields Kugenhopf

Tulips from Kugenhopf

Tulips from Kugenhopf

Pink Tulips amid the red.

Pink tulips from Kughenhopf

White Tulips

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Flowers from Andalucia.

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Red poppies against a brillian blue sky

Red poppies

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