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Pottery Buttons

Clay in Blue and White

Making pottery buttons is a project that you can do at home and see the results within 3 to 4 hours.

You will need some low firing clay which you can get from a hobby shop or online. I have used clay that can be fired at 110 degrees. This means that it can be fired in a standard oven.

In learning how to make pottery we are going to make four buttons. Main colour is blue with a white pattern. You can select which colours that you want to do, just replace them with my colours.

disk for pottery buttons Take a ball of blue clay and shape it with your hand in to a disk the size of the button that you want to make. Repeat this task 4 times until you have 4 disks which are similar in size.

disk for pottery buttons Take a very small amount of the white clay and roll into a small coil. Place on the button and press gently, not to change the shape of the button.

Repeat this four times for each button

disk for pottery buttons Take each button and pierce two holes in the centre which will be used to attach the button to a garment or item. I have done this using a large sowing needle.

disk for pottery buttons The buttons are now ready to fire.

Read the instructions for your clay. Mine requires firing at 100 degrees for 30 minutes.

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