Puppy Pictures

My puppy is now 10 and a half months old. Ihese puppy pictures have been taken over that time. We walk every day and I take a camera with me wherever I go. I have a digital SLR and a small digital camera and when all else fails I take photos with my phone.

puppy-dog-pictures - chocolate labrador

Out and About - in the water, on the beach and out for a walk

puppy enjoying water - chocolate labrador

puppy on the beach - chocolate labrador

puppy picture - chocolate labrador

chocolate labrador with a stick chocolate labrador - playing in the muddy puddles

Puppies at play and at rest

puppies at play - labrador with a stick

Playing in the park with other dogs is one of her favourite activities.

 labradors - puppies at rest

And lying down with a friend when tired.

 labradors - puppies at play  labradors - puppies at play

Tug of war with a rope.

 chocoate labrador - puppy at rest

Sitting down - waiting for the next instruction.

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