Recycled Glass - Wine Bottle Art

We all have a large number of recycled glass and a large proportion of these are bottles.

So having collected a number of blue, green and white bottles I have set out to experiment.

clay mould for glass I started with what I wanted at the end. I decided on an oval glass dish. I then set about creating a ceramic mould that I would use for the final stage to slump the glass. This is the mould - it has been biscuit fired.

In order to make a glass pane to slump in to the mould I need to either cut the glass when melted in to the shape or melt the glass in to a mould for the size and shape I required I therefore decided to create a ceramic ring which I made from clay and then biscuit fired.

clay mould for glass The ring has then been placed on a kiln tray covered in fibre blanket/ paper thickness and lined with wider fibre blanket.

The glass was smashed and placed in to the ring and the kiln fired.

clay mould for glass The glass when fired to 800 degrees does not fully melt tough the pieces have fused.

clay mould for glass The glass is re-fired to 1060 degrees and fuses fully. The fibre blanket is removed.

clay mould for glass There are marks on the glass which I will look at removing later.

What's next?

There are a number of steps left to go.
  • Grind the edges to get rid of any rough edges and fibre blanket that remains
  • Re-heat flat to get rid of marks.
  • Paint mould with kiln release - so that the glass does not stick to the mould.
  • Slump in to mould.

Remember to come back and see the end result. Recycled glass is an experiment for creating further glass art. Click on this link to see what else has been done in glass.