Snow in Radlett

Snow has fallen in Radlett the week before Christmas, like many places across the UK and Europe. I see on the news that this is also true for New York and Washington.

As this does not happen in Radlett often everything slows down. With Christmas so close it makes the place look spectacular. Being lucky, having a number of parks and woodlands, there are planty of winter wonderland scenes.

Here is my pictures galley with some of the pictures of winter scenes.

Winter Berries

Red berries in snowsnowy berries

Red berries

orange berries

Scrubbits Park

The steps in to Scrubbits Park and one of the footpaths.

Steps to Scrubbits

Footpath Scrubbits

Bench in the clearing.

Scrubbits Park

Nature's Patterns

Winter branches.

branchesbranches colour

branches snow
pattern tree
snowy branches

Woodland behind Dellfield

Pictures of the woodland behind Dellfield.



Paths and Trees

Around the woodlands.


Pictures of dogs enjoying the snow.