Trafalgar Square Art to St Pancras Art

London on a sunny afternoon has many things to offer. I started looking at Trafalgar Square Art. Join me in looking at what I found along my route.

Trafalgar Square Lions Trafalgar Square has a number of statues and fountains. The fourth plinth was empty - awaiting the live sculptures that will start in a few weeks. The lions are one of my favorites. Did you know they were added after Nelsons Column had been in place. Sculpted by Edwin Landseer in the 1800's.

National Gallery I spent a little time in the National Gallery. If you have never been in it is definitely worth it. I went to visit paintings from the 1700 - 1900 which includes paintings by Monet, Cezane and Turner.

You can find more information at the National Gallery web site.

I was encouraged to see groups of young children sitting in front of some of the pictures, listening to the background.

I then took myself from Trafalgar Square through the streets to Leicester Square.

I then took myself from looking at Trafalgar Square Art through the streets to Leicester Square.

and Soho Sqaure

Or, the last stage - St Pancras.

There are also other areas or shows to see.